After a 26.5 hour flight. Carl Arsenault is in the last row on the right with Jack
McPherson beside him. Bob Moore is 7th from the left, Robby Robinson 9th
from the left. In the front is Skipper, Dom MacLeod and Bruce Christie at the
end to the right.

Graduating class #42 from Summerside 26 April 1958. S/L Red Haslett, DFC
is in the front row, fourth from the left. Doug McKein is in the back row 5th
from the left and (eventually) L/Col Eric Carscadin at the end to the right of the
 last row. In the middle row, Ron Tetarenko, 5th from the left, LJ Muie 6th,
Bert Newhook 7th and Bob Hopper at the end. The front row includes Jack
Bright,  3th from the left.

Bruce Christie borrowed this suit of armour from 440 Sqn and concedes to the eagle in W/C Cy Torontow's office. 1959/60

Photo of Don McLeod's crew for the press while on tour in Europe.

First Argus crew to Norfolk hosted by VP-8 June 1961. Crew included F/Os McLaughlin, Ferguson, Marshall, Lyons, Lownie, Rivett, Tanchak, Lauria, and Windley. F/Ls Russell, Burton, Griffiths  and Arsneault. FE FS Eldridge.
Ground Crew - Sgt Daly, Cpl Cole, LACs MacIntosh, Buck, Savard, Haley Ensor and Harnish