Cary Baker's
Hand Built Argus

Cary Baker, whose father was an Argus Pilot on 415 Squadron in Summerside in the 1970s, decided after years of waiting for an Argus model to be produced, to try and find one of the rare 1/144 scale Bristol Britannias.


 Models and convert it to an Argus. After 2 years of searching he was able to find one that was manufactured in Italy in 1964. Using old pictures and drawings of the Argus he was able to scratch build most of the parts from wood or modeling putty, or find other model kits to cannibalize. Other than the wings, and tail plane, everything else is either from a DC-6 (cockpit and engines). Filling in the windows was time consuming trying to make it as smooth as possible.  
His mother found his Dad's Argus operating manuals in some of his old boxes down in the basement along with his log book which he used as part of the research. He select 736 as it was the aircraft his Dad flew the most and with a model of an old Russian submarine the end result is the "Sub Hunter" scene below.

Cary is serving with the Canadian Forces in Europe and was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.