Tom joined the RCAF reserve in 1955 and went permanent force in 1957.  He arrived at 415 Summerside in October 1961 and was there until when he left the Air Force for Air Canada in 1969.  Tom retired from Air Canada in 1996 and since then has been acting as an aircraft maintenance consultant.  He has worked with Wright International and Field Aviation. Tom has started on a new project with CaseBank Technologies. You might say he has come full circle. The new project is a fault diagnostic system for the Aurora. Who would have thought. he would be back where he was in the mid sixties. Back to 415 squadron. Once a Swordfish, always a Swordfish.
"I have had a love affair with aircraft since I saw my first airborne
vehicle at the age of three (1942 and I still distinctly remember it)
and will not quit working on them for as long as I can read a
maintenance manual." 
Tom Gosling

Don Millie, Tom Gosling, Ken Gallagher & Andy Halloran
Bally Kelly, Northern Ireland

722 In Greenwood prior to going to Summerside and 415 Sqn

Argus Maintenance in Greenwood 1961

Summerside Ramp With Malapeque Bay in the Background




ArgusMk1 & Shakleton Mk2

The Original MAD Crew Flight Engineers-Bill Flavin & Art Hunter

Every Argus In Summerside Was Airborne to Overfly Greenwood Aug 1961

Soviet Foxtrot Submarine Photographed from Argus